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A Level Advanced Level
ACE Advisory Centre for Education
ACPC Area Child Protection Committee
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
AEN Additional Educational Needs
ALF  Activity Lead Funding
ALS  Additional Literacy Support
AMP Assessment Management Plan
APS Average Points Score
AQA Assessment and Qualifications Alliance
AS Level Advanced Supplementary Level
AST  Advanced Skills Teacher
AT   Attainment Target
ATL  Association of Teachers and Lecturers
AWPU Age Weighted Pupil Unit
BA   Bachelor of Arts
BCSIP Black Country School Improvement Partnership
B Ed Bachelor of Education
BSA Basic Skills Agency
B Sc Bachelor of Science
BSP Behaviour Support Plan
BST Behaviour Support Team
BTEC Business and Technician Education Council
BV   Best Value
CA   Classroom Assistant
CAL Computer Assisted Learning
CASE Campaign for State Education
CEO Chief Education Officer
CoSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
CP  Child Protection
CPD Continuing Professional Development
CPU Child Protection Unit
CRB Criminal Records Bureau
DDA Disability Discrimination Act
D & T  Design and Technology
DEFRA Department of the Environment Food and Rural Affairs
DfES Department for Education and Skills
DoB Date of Birth
EAL  English as an Additional Language
EAZ  Education Action Zone
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDP Education Development Plan
EEC Early Excellence Centre
ELG Early Learning Goal
EMAG Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant
EP   Educational Psychologist
ESBD Emotional Social and Behavioural Difficulties
ESOL English Speakers of Other Languages
ESW Education Social Worker
EWO Education Welfare Officer
EWS Education Welfare Service
EYDCP Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership/Plan
FE   Further Education
FHE Further and Higher Education
FSM Free School Meals
Fte Full Time Equivalent
GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education
GNVQ General National Vocational Qualification
GRTP Graduate and Registered Teacher Programme
GTC General Teaching Council
H & S Health and Safety
HI Hearing Impaired
HMCI Her Majesty's Chief Inspector (of schools in England)
HMI Her Majesty's Inspector/Inspectorate
HSE Health & Safety Executive
HSWA Health and Safety at Work Act
ICT Information and Communications Technology
IEB Interim Executive Board
IEP Individual Education Plan
INSET In-Service Education and Training
IIP Investors In People
ISB Individual School Budget
ISCG Information for School and College Governors
ISR Individual School Range
ITT Initial Teacher Training
JMI Junior Mixed and Infants
KS   Key Stage
LEA Local Education Authority
LGA Local Government Association
LMS Local Management of Schools
LPSH Leadership Programme for Serving Heads
LSA Learning Support Assistant
LSC Learning Skills Council
MA Master of Arts
MLD Moderate Learning Difficulties
MSc Master of Science
NAGM National Association of Governors and Managers
NAHT National Association of Head Teachers
NAPE National Association for Primary Education
NASUWT National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers
NC National Curriculum
NCPTA National Confederation of Parent-Teacher Associations
NCSL National College for School Leadership
NFER National Foundation for Educational Research
NGC National Governors Council
NGfL National Grid for Learning
NNEB National Nursery Examination Board
NOF New Opportunities Fund
NoR Number on Roll
NPQH National Professional Qualification for Headship
NQT Newly Qualified Teacher
NRA National Record of Achievement
NUT National Union of Teachers
NVQ National Vocational Qualification
OFSTED Office for Standards in Education
OU Open University
PANDA Performance and Assessment Data
PAT Professional Association of Teachers
PE Physical Education
PFI Private Finance Initiative
PGCE Post Graduate Certificate in Education
Ph D Doctor of Philosophy
PI Physically Impaired
PICSI Pre-Inspection Context and School Indicator
PIPS Performance Indicators in Primary Schools
PLASC Pupil Level Annual School Census
PoS Programmes of Study
PRU Pupil Referral Unit
PSHE Personal Social and Health Education
PTA Parent -Teacher Association
PTR Pupil - Teacher Ratio
QCA Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
QTS Qualified Teacher Status
R&M Repair and Maintenance
RE Religious Education
RgI Registered Inspector
RoA Record of Achievement
SA Supervisory Assistant
SACRE Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education
SATs Standard Assessment Test/Task
SDA School Development Adviser
SDP School Development Plan
SEN Special Educational Needs
SENCO SEN Co-ordinator
SENDA Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
SEU Standards and Effectiveness Unit
SHA Secondary Heads' Association
SIP School Improvement Plan
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLD Severe Learning Difficulties
SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timed
SMT Senior Management Team
SOC School Organisation Committee
SoW Scheme of Work
SpLD Specific Learning Difficulties
SRB Single Regeneration Budget
SSA Standard Spending Assessment
SSFA School Standards and Framework Act 1998
STRB School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document
TA Teacher Assessment
TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language
TES Times Educational Supplement
TTA  Teacher Training Agency
UCAS University and Colleges Admissions Service
UPN Unique Pupil Number
UNISON Union of Public Employees
VA Voluntary Aided
VC Voluntary Controlled
VI Visually Impaired
YELLIS Year Eleven Information System



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