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About the School Governance Team

We support Dudley's 1400 school governors and the governing bodies/governing boards of its 108 schools.

The team provides traded services bought by governing bodies. These are training
services for governors and governing bodies and a clerking service for the governing body and where appropriate committees.

The clerking service provides:

  • Model agendas, customised for the specific needs of each governing body
  • Calling papers to home or designated address of each governor
  • Database containing addresses of all governors, their training involvement and responsibilities of the governing body

The training service provides:

  • Access to core training programme advertised to their home or designated address for each governor
  • Commissioned in-house training on request

The continuing work and budget of the team depends on a high level of 'buy-back' from governing bodies. In this respect we have been fortunate. For the last four years, training and clerking have each been bought by over 90% of governing bodies.

In addition we fulfill statutory responsibilities on behalf of the Directorate, which include approving for appointment Local Authority governors, appointing additional governors, governor appointments, and instruments of government.

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